It will be an understatement to state that social media marketing is essential for all businesses – big or small. Clearly, social media platforms offer direct opportunity to engage with customers and prospects, in their preferred manner and over their choice of platform. As per recent findings, there are around 3.5 billion social media users today. This means that if your business is not on social, it isn’t quite there yet! 

However, while it works like a charm for most digital marketers and business owners, social media marketing isn’t a cakewalk. Even with the many benefits that it offers, a campaign gone wrong can spell doom. Did you notice something similar with your business lately?

Identifying the early signs of a social media campaign failure

Have you, of late, not been happy with the results your campaigns have fetched? Did a particular message not go down well with your audience? Were you unable to tap the campaign results to its full potential? Simply put, did your recent campaign flop?

Below are highlighted a few of the commonest pitfalls that marketers often have to struggle with. Can you relate any of them to your business?

You fail to address the relevant audience

One of the commonest reasons why a campaign may fail is due to not targeting the correct audience or not choosing an appropriate platform. This usually stems from inadequate research. Unless you know your audience well – the demographic, purchase decision, preferred platform for engagement, etc., your campaigns wouldn’t be able to fetch the desired results. Research well and take the data you’ve accumulated very seriously.

Your engagement is infrequent and lacks personalization

While posting too frequently (spamming) can cause an overdose, not posting adequately can also fade your brand from the memories of your audience. Based on your research, discover the best time and frequency your audience would like to engage with you. Stick to it and offer them the best tailor-made experience possible. Everyone likes to be greeted with a personalized message; unless there’s something in your communication that resonates with your audience why will they bother engaging with you?

Your post carries insensitive/ inappropriate content

This can be scary and immensely negative for your brand. You’ve probably seen many big brands (and even social media influencers) facing backlash on social media. That’s something you’d not want to happen to you right? So, beware of the humor your message carries; stay away from posting content that may not go down with members of a particular community/ ethnicity/ religion. Direct messages are good but they can hit in a negative way too. So, re-check your content and the communication being shared through it.

Inappropriateness also implies addressing the wrong people over the wrong platform. While short videos are great content for Instagram, hastags play a huge role on Twitter. Likewise, for formal communication, LinkedIn is a better fit the same way Snapchat is ideal to address teens in a light-hearted manner.

Your campaign relied only on social media

Digital marketing campaigns generate the best results when all the different channels are aligned to one another. The message on your official website, your latest eBook, webinar, newsletter, and social media should convey the same communication whether it is the price of a product/ service, a specific loyalty program, a discount or whatever that you are offering. Communication should effectively ease confusion, not elevate it. Consistent messaging not only strengthens your marketing campaigns but also adds value to your social campaigns.

You have been using your social media handles for just promotion

Businesses, especially the new entrants, typically use social media for promotion only. This should be avoided as social media is a platform to engage with your customers and prospects, nurture the relationship, and make valuable connections. People like to engage with real people and not just lifeless brands that only advertise their products/ services. By promoting yourself only, you are holding yourself back from using the platform to its full potential and also perhaps repulsing your prospects on the way. So the best way out would be to engage with your audience to create enough curiosity around your brand that they’d feel the urge to engage with you themselves. 

You missed providing a clear call to action

Often times, the message is loud and clear – the only miss being there’s no call to action (CTA). Your audience would not know how to place the order, where to download that eBook from, or learn more about your brand even after liking your message. So, was the CTA missing in your last campaign or was it less visible? Typically, your call to action is also where you’ll get a lot of analytics from. Unless it is visible and click-worthy, your campaign may fail to get you the results you expected.

Your digital marketing partner is incompetent

Last but not the least, if you are not handling your social media engagement yourself and are relying on a partner, you’d need to ensure that the agency is competent enough to build your brand. You need a professional to help you with strategizing and creating the calendar, executing the plans, monitoring the analytics, and compiling the reports. Your partner should be on-page with you regarding the vision of the brand and the messages should explicitly exhibit the same.

If you can connect with the above, you’ve already taken the first steps. Don’t worry; you aren’t alone in this. Businesses do make mistakes on social media, even if unintentionally, but they lead to a lot of heartache. However, with these handy tips you should be able to better craft your next social media campaign. Don’t miss to let us know how it worked!

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