Measurable, Effective, and Scalable PPC Campaigns – Craft Ads Generating Cost-Effective, High-Quality Clicks from Active Searches

· Unlimited Monthly PPC ad spend on multiple networks

·  PPC account set up, design landing pages

· Competitive Research & Keyword Research

· Run separate campaigns on Google search network & Google Display network

· Campaign on Binge PPC Network

·  Add creation and development

· Ongoing keyword research and optimization

· Dynamic keyword insertion

· Run ads with Geotargeting & Location Exclusion features

· Run Google Ads remarketing for familiar visitors

·  Execute PPC ads on 6 big social media platforms

· Advanced ad targeting

· Advertising creation

· Bid Management & Optimization

·  Custom rules-based bidding

·  Results Analysis & Reporting

Why Choose Us?

· Optimize and test campaigns for performance

·  Optimize ads for keywords

·  Control cost with PPC budget well-spent on keywords

· Goal Tracking and Transparent Results

·  Test Market New Strategies and Campaigns