Digital Marketing Myths: Busted (And Reasons Why You Need it in 2020)

Most small businesses are familiar with the scope digital marketing offers in acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers. However, whether due to budget constraints and/ or the lack of relevant experience, not every business is able to leverage the advantages. It’s indeed unfortunate that business owners still have to contemplate whether or not to go ahead with it.

Do you own a small business yourself and yet unsure whether you should adopt a prompt digital marketing strategy? Are your current digital marketing campaigns not yielding the returns you expected? Are you struggling to figure out which, out of the many, digital marketing service is relevant to your business? Well, you’ve just come to the right place. We are busting the common myths here that may be clouding your interest in trying out digital marketing. 

Here we go!

Myth 1: Digital marketing is only for ‘big’ businesses

Certainly not! Rather, a properly implemented marketing strategy can help small businesses reap the best results. Technology is easily available to all; why should you not make the most of the opportunities available online? 

About 25% more small businesses have moved to digital marketing in 2020 as compared to 2019. 

With this form of marketing, you can segregate your audience, target them specifically, and even personalize your efforts to make the best impact – all this and more with minimal investment but for optimal output. 

Myth 2: Only the ones well-versed in technology should try it

Sure, being knowledgeable gives a lead; it, however, doesn’t have to be the only qualifying factor. In case you aren’t too familiar with technology, you can partner with a local digital marketing service provider who can power your plans and implement them using the best tools and platforms that are relevant to your business.  

Myth 3: It is expensive and also not appropriate for my industry

It’s a common understanding that all work that has to be outsourced will ultimately burn a hole in your pocket. It’s just the opposite with digital marketing. There are several tools available and service providers you can choose from and even modify your strategies should you not be happy with the results. Also, just because a competitor is not using digital media for their business doesn’t mean you should not too. In fact, if you want to catch the worm, be the early bird.

Over 61% of users research a product online before making a purchase. 

Would you still want to evade this chance?

Myth 4: Digital marketing can only fetch results in long time

Like every relation takes time to build, your digital presence would also require time to grow. However, it’s never too late to start. You can align your digital campaigns with your traditional marketing strategies and expect to see results sooner than you expected. Also, with Search Engine Marketing services, including PPC and Affiliate Marketing, you can enjoy positive responses faster than what your traditional strategies would have brought in.  

Myth 5: Owning a website is enough

It’s a misconception that even putting up a (shabby) website would do wonders for you. First and foremost, your website is your showroom. The better designed it is, the better it will impress your audience. Secondly, a website is just one of the platforms where you could engage with your visitors and try to convert them into lifelong customers. However, you need to intelligently leverage the other digital channels (social media, email marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.) too for the best results.

Was that a reality check? We bet it was. So, if the above have got you started, here’s why you should waste no more time to get going…

  • Cost effective: As stated above, digital marketing doesn’t require big investments but smart ones that offers the best ROI as compared to all other forms. Club your digital marketing strategies with your traditional ones and see how quickly you convert.
  • Boosts conversion: As you can identify and segregate your target audience, you can engage with them better. This helps boost conversion, and even the ones that have not converted yet, with continual efforts you can increase your chances of converting them as well.
  • Offers measurable results: For optimal output, you should revisit your strategies. However, to do it, you should be able to measure every campaign and all aspects of a campaign. With digital tools, this not only becomes easy but efficient too. Based on the performance, you can modify a campaign and engage with your audience better.

Around 20% small businesses plan to cut their traditional marketing spends and boost their digital marketing efforts.

  • Enhances brand reputation: When your online presence increases, it adds to your brand visibility. This in turn helps you boost sales and increase profits. Also, there are ways to control negative brand reputation and in fact reverse them. These are benefits not available with traditional marketing channels.
  • Allows multiple platforms to engage with customers: The highlight of incorporating digital marketing campaigns into your current marketing campaign is the ability to have your brand announced across multiple platforms at a go. From mobile users to desktop users to social media and paid advertising – you name a channel and it is there for you!

As you can see, the question is no longer why your business needs digital marketing, rather, why not. So, don’t miss the chance to do what’s best for your business and let it grow to great heights. Don’t miss to share with us the results from your first campaign.

We are waiting to know, excitedly.